Areas of Interest

Emotional Intelligence

Musical Meditation

Character Building



Qualification and Certifications

  • M.A. Philosophy from Savitribai Phule Pune University ()

  • B.E. Civil Engineering from Govt College of Engineering Amravati in 1990

About Me

Milind Patre is a Spiritual & Motivational Trainer. He obtained his engineering degree in 1990 and masters in 1992.

Watching the monotonous lives of people around, he became aware that most of the people just live a mechanical life, a machine like life, a life conditioned by societies, families, religion. And people never become aware about their conditioning. They simply repeat and repeat unconsciously, thinking, that’s the only way, and usually the only right way.

After searching for solutions in many literatures, he came to the conclusion that “Only MEDITATION can bring this awareness that they are not aware about what they are doing”.

They are simply repeating their past and hence the problems persists.

He decided to link Education & Motivation with Meditation and creatively designed many simple Musical Meditations using the current musics available, with meditative awareness. His meditations suits to all generations; from pupil to principals, from peon to officers.

He is Director of “UDAN” Institute of Personality Development; an organization meant to motivate people to restore the concept of TOTAL HEALTH, the physical, the mental, the social, the emotional, the psychological and the spiritual. He firmly believes that any success, which is not balanced in all these major vital areas of life is not worth it and will not produce lasting happiness & success.

He is creator of India’s 1st Emotional Management Workshop with Musical Mediations - “TURNING POINT”. Tens of thousands of people have benefited from his immensely value driven workshops, it’s deep & fundamental life altering messages and the soothing and healing Musical Meditations, which helps to incorporate these Principles or Truths of life even more deeper levels of consciousness, so that people can begin to apply them in their day-to-day life.

Having an engineering mind, he accurately blended the dynamism of youth with the wisdom of ancients and created a revolutionary modern age meditation – “Pran-Urja” (प्राण-ऊर्जा).

Professional Experience

Professor and Coordinator for Winning Personality Development Programs of MAEER's MIT Pune (1st March 2016 )

Head of the Faculty of Peace Studies

Associate Dean - Faculty of Peace Studies (5th August 2019 till date)

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