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My work, research and off-work activities revolves around areas like Emotional Intelligence , Musical Meditation , Character Building , Philosophy , Metaphysics , and more. Information about some of my work can be exhibited through Workshops , Youtube Channel , etc.

Let me walk you through some of my work.


1. TURNING POINT - India’s 1st Emotional Management [EQ] Workshop with Musical Mediation.

The factor responsible for SUCCESS, whether individual or organizational, is not necessarily IQ i.e. Intellectual Quotient; but EQ i.e. Emotional Intelligence. EQ means how we handle our emotional disturbances, frustrations, failures, relations etc.

Problems may be many, but the solution is one… to have a different perspective towards life, and that's TURNING POINT.

TURNING POINT workshop has the power to ignite the process of developing high EQ.

2. MUSICAL MEDITATION THERAPIES - Heal Body, Mind, Heart & Soul

The modern man is exposed to so much of data, information, and knowledge. We are constantly thinking, analysing, judging, evaluating, labelling; which creates a lot of anxiety in us. We cannot stop the chattering mind directly, but that through Musical Meditation, the chattering can slow down and eventually disappear.

Lot of thoughts means Distraction, One thought means Concentration, No thought means Meditation.

Musical Meditation offer a wide range of simple technique to deal with our ailments and diseases.

3. PRAN-URJA - Be Energized Through 45 Minutes Wonder

90% of our diseases are not of body, but because of a stressed mind.

This meditation, if understood and done properly, can literally free us from almost all our anxieties, fears and stress borne diseases.

The principle used here is 'Principle of Opposites'. When two opposites meet, there is explosion of energy, expansion of life and creativity. When male and female energies meet, life in all its forms begins. When aggression meets compassion, it is absorbed and become love.

In 'Pran-Urja', when intense activity meets with total inactivity (i.e. total surrender), what happens is explosion in our inner energies, all the energy blockages gets removed, we are cleansed of diseases and a New Energy, Zest, Joy and Light-Heartedness fill our total being.

4. REDISCOVER YOUR INTELLIGENCE - Let Your Untapped Talent Explode

Our education is called as left brain education. It is more memory oriented - storing facts, figures, numbers, information, etc...


Memory is not 'Intelligence'.

Memory is not 'Understanding'.

Intelligence is what we are born with. It is a function of awareness. But because we all live a conditioned life, typically reacting to the people, situations, circumstances and events in our lives; much like conditioned reflexes. Our reactions are automatic, monotonous, from past memories and hence doesn't allow any spontaneity, intelligence, newness and freshness into life.

Let us again rediscover our intelligence by becoming free from layers of conditioning and be blessed by the magnificence of nature's intelligence.

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